Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Helping students understands Mathematics concepts through Mastery learning using Jigsaw approach

 1st step:- teacher gives an overview of their activities today. The teacher will give different questions for each group to discuss and solve collaboratively. Each students are numbered, after the time allocated students with the same number will gathered. 

All the students in each group will have to master the problem that is assign to their group by the teacher.
Students take turn  explaining to their  peers the concepts they have previously discussed at a different group. At the end of the lesson all the students will have mastered all the different concepts .

The subject teacher will have ample time to monitor the progress and discussion done by each group

Feedback by the students: They loved this method because they can remember the workings easier, when they do the explaining their peers can understand faster, they feel empowered because they are given the responsibility to teach their friends. They don't feel bored because everybody  is given a chance to talk. 

Lesson was at SMK Taman Tun Fuad a secondary school under Kota Kinabalu district. The Maths Teacher was mr Chin a very capable teacher. Before this lesson I had a session with him just to share the Jigsaw method. 

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